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22 project leaders have been selected for the 4th Cohort of Orange Corners DRC

05 June 2022


Overview of the process

After receiving more than 400 applications for this 4th Cohort, 56 candidates were invited to participate in the 3-day bootcamp organized within the Ingenious City incubator which manages this program.


  • On Friday, February 17, 2022, the successful candidates for this stage participated in a contact session with the management team and training on the project pitch exercise.


  • Tuesday, February 21, 20221 will have been an opportunity for each candidate to refine their business idea by discussing with mentors the various aspects useful to the viability of their project.


  • On Thursday, February 24, 2022, place for the pitch session in front of the members of the jury. The time had come for each candidate to present their business idea to the members of the jury in a time limit of 3 minutes before answering the various questions related to their business.

It is at the end of this process that the following candidates were selected :

  • Abraham Abdiel
  • Andy Emone
  • Antoinette Muinda Kayembe
  • Aurélie Nguwa
  • Benjamin Bamwishi
  • Bertheline Mantobo
  • Elvis Makasi
  • Ephraïm Mboti
  • Eric Kopi
  • Etienne Bamata
  • Francis Tambu
  • Gaylord Kasayi
  • Harmonie Balenda
  • Harry Ben Bossuki
  • Henock Mukendi
  • Meldi Akelax
  • Milka Ntambwe
  • Mwami Ngabo Cizungu
  • Noella Welly
  • Paradoxe Mangalaboy
  • Rebecca Kindombe Malenga
  • Triphene Nzo-Bazola

Remember that the Orange Corners DRC incubation program involves the development of entrepreneurial projects but also the capacity building of project leaders for a period of 6 months with free access to a dedicated workspace. This program is an initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands executed by Ingenious City with the support of BRALIMA, RAWBANK, DHL, Vlisco and Canal+ RDC.

To learn more about this 4th Cohort, subscribe on social networks of Ingenious City as well as those of Orange Corners RDC.